ALF Harasses Hunters (Victoria, Australia)

Received anonymously:

Sunday morning the A.L.F visited Lake Colac in Victoria, so-called Australia to let hunters know they aren’t welcome to shoot innocent animals on these wetlands. We put a lock and chain on a gate at one of the entrances into the wetlands preventing hunters getting into the wetlands and preventing the hunters who camped from leaving. A slight disturbance to their day and we hope it ruined it for them! We also put up a little home-made banner at another entrance for them to see on their way out of the wetlands as the opening week of shooting ends.

We will be back in full force with some more creative ideas in the weeks to come. To anyone that can get out to a wetland, please do. Make these hunters don’t come back. Ruin their day, destroy their vehicles, just be a general nuisance!