$60,000 Offered for Information Leading to Conviction of UCLA Vivisector

For Immediate Release
September 1, 2006

Anonymous Celebrity Matches Reward for Arrest
$60,000 Offered for Information Leading to Conviction of UCLA Vivisector

Los Angeles: An well known celebrity, who wants to remain anonymous, has upped a reward offer to anyone who comes forward with information that leads to the conviction and imprisonment of any UCLA primate vivisector. Despite a massive public information campaign, UCLA Primate Freedom and other animal welfare organizations have thus far been unsuccessful in stopping the unethical and scientifically fraudulent torture and killing of hundreds of imprisoned primates in UCLA laboratories. One researcher, however, recently vowed to stop experimenting on animals; Dario Ringach announced August 4th he would no longer vivisect non-consenting primates and other animals- and instead would persue more modern and efficacious techniques of medical research.

In addition to legal demonstrations, UCLA vivisectors have incurred the wrath of the underground Animal Liberation Front, who sent an anonymous communique to the North American Animal Liberation Press Office (NAALPO) regarding an incendiary device left on the porch of UCLA primate vivisector Lynn Fairbanks. Fairbanks currently breeds and imprisons 725 vervet monkeys, purportedly to learn about human criminality and other psychiatric disturbances. The device reportedly failed to ignite.


In Fairbanks NIH grant requests, she admits that there is a very high mortality rate of new born primates in her 16 vervet colonies.

UCLA has offered a similar reward of $60,000 (having been upped three times) for the arrest and conviction of the individual(s) who left the device on Fairbanks porch, indicating a frustration shared with law enforcement for its failure to solve the case. Meanwhile, neither UCLA Primate Freedom nor other animal rights organizations are aware of any pending investigation of UCLA staff who imprison, torture and then kill hundreds of innocent, sentient primates and other animals in UCLA laboratories.

A reward of $10,000 has been on offer for quite some time by UCLA Primate Freedom, but this offer by a sympathetic celebrity has increased the reward six fold. An activist who has protested against Fairbanks and Ringach in the past stated “Hopefully the increased reward will generate more talk and some more leads for law enforcement, making possible the arrest and conviction of one of the many sick, twisted UCLA animal vivisectors. The time has come for this ugly, unethical and unscientific research desperately defended by UCLA acting Chancellor Norman Abrams to be exposed before all the world. I hope that employees do what is morally just and send any information they have to info@UCLAPrimateFreedom.com.”

For more information, visit UCLA Primate Freedom at http://www.uclaprimatefreedom.com.