Schumacher Furs, Portland, OR Glued and Painted

Communiqué from unidentified activists
Date: August 25, 2006
Institution targeted: Schumacher Furs, Portland, OR

received anonymously:

“Friday Aug 25 : Schumacher furs lock glued and spray painted ‘If your conscience doesn’t keep you up at night – we will.’

The fur industry is barbaric and unecessary. Thousands of animals live in filthy, cramped cages across our country waiting to be anally electrocuted, have their necks broken, gassed or even have their skin torn off of them while they are still conscious. Animals in the wild should be able to live free and not be caught, drown in traps, and have their populations destroyed. Those that profit from this industry must be held accountable and stopped. Enough protests. Gregg and Linda, close down or we’ll close you down ourselves.”