120 Chickens Liberated in Litchfield CT

Communiqué from: Unclaimed
Date: March 25, 2006
Institution targeted: Litchfield, CT Egg Farm

anonymous communique:

“On the night of March 25th we entered an egg laying chicken farm in Litchfield CT and rescued 120 chickens from a lifetime of suffering. The chickens are now living in peace and comfort in a sanctuary where they will never again have to endure the terrible conditions of factory farms.

Chickens are highly intelligent, social creatures who experience pain and think, suffer, and feel happiness as humans do. Inspired by others, and guided by our hearts, we took action to liberate them from their horrendous suffering and can only hope to inspire others to take similar actions.

While we would like to see our above ground comrades strongly united in common cause, we feel obligated to express our disapproval of the Animal Liberation Press Office. We do not recognize their authority to speak for us, nor do we consider their views on violence representative of the underground animal liberation movement.

Until every cage and human prison is empty, for the Earth and the Animals.”