Tristan & America Clothing Store, Montreal is Painted, Windows Etched for Fur

Communiqué from ALF activists
Date: March 11, 2006
Institution targeted: Tristan & America Clothing Store, Montreal

anonymous communique:

“Last Saturday night, we paid a visit to the head office of Tristan & America
in Montreal. Tristan & America is a scummy chain of clothing stores that
profit from the torture and killing of rabbits for nasty coats and fur trim.
They are the most recent target of a campaign by several aboveground groups, yet CEO Gilles Fortin and his cronies refuse to listen.

8 huge windows were scarred with an “X” using glass etcher, and parked
trucks were covered with painted “fur scum” slogans. You have a choice
Gilles Fortin, listen to the protesters and remove the disgusting carcasses
from your store’s shelves, or deal with us…we’re just getting started.