Lloyd Harbor Mayor Leland M. Hairr House Painted for Deer Kill

Communiqué from ALF activists
Date: November 16, 2005
Institution targeted: Lloyd Harbor Deer Kill

Last night the ALF paid a visit to Lloyd Harbor Mayor Leland M. Hairr at his Huntington home. His home was compleately covered with slogans in red paint demanding he put a stop the the deer kill set to take place in Caumsett State Park, the Seminary of Immaculate Conception and Lloyd Harbor town park.


Messages showing the publics outcry against the hunt were left on all sides of the house, including inside the garage. The cars parked in the driveway also recieved some lovely advertisements for Lee & his partner to drive around with. His dog is more of a sweetheart than a watch dog, you all should know.


We really loved the fact that you kept your garage open all night, it gave us the opportunity we were praying for. Left behind was a small, but signficant gift to our special mayor friend. Do yourself a giant favor and LET THE DEER BE, LEE.


The deer kill is a senseless move and we, the ALF will NOT stand for it.


Feel free to tell off this submissive scum by phone!
(631) 385-2146


Or pay your own visit!
Mayor Leland M Hairr x Beech Hilll Rd. Huntington, NY, 11743


check his bio at this site http://www.eeaconsultants.com/biography/