Three Actions Against LAAS

Communiqués from ALF activists
Date: September 13-18, 2005
Institution targeted: LA Animal Services

received anonymously:

September 17, 2005

the animal liberation front has taken advice from our Commander in Chief to “smoke terrorists out of their holes.” the target was Los Angeles number One terrorist Gordon Stuckey. Military Strength Smoke grenades were detonated on the floor of this animal killers abode. Stuckey you are a disgusting human being who takes pleasure in the murder of over 50,000 animals a year. you are a target. Sleep light. ALF


September 17, 2005

we hope Avery Smith likes brunettes, b/c 2 black hair ladies of the night were recently sent to the home of Cassandria “Dr. Death” Smith (xxxx Calle Luna, Chino Hills) at 5 in the morning. All along with several hundreds of dollars worth of pizza and a coroner to collect the body. That was just night one, The second night brought a taxi to the door step every hour on the hour starting at one. On night three her name and number was smeared online as a call girl service. that Friday night a party was thrown at her house with out her foreknowledge. Last but not least a “gangbanger” looking for a “gangwhore” was sent. Be careful Smith. the next night, might bring us. resign bitch now alf


September 13, 2005

The following is a communique from the Animal Liberation Front.

After reading therecent editorial in the LA Times regarding the incompetent Diliberto, the ALFfeels it necessary to take credit for a bomb threat on the scumbag’s car.

The message was left on David’s cellphone stating a bomb had been left in his car, the car paid for with the blood of innocent animals. Consequently, his office, theneighborhood had to be evacuated.

David, take note! Next time we leave no threat,there will be no warning.