Animal Testing Company Huntingdon Life Sciences Denied Listing on New York Stock Exchange

For Immediate Release
September 09, 2005
Animal Testing Company Huntingdon Life Sciences Denied Listing on New York Stock Exchange

New York, NY: Animal rights activists yesterday claimed another victory against beleaguered animal testing group Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS, to be traded as Life Sciences Research, LSR) after the company’s planned New York listing was pulled at the last moment.

The exchange would give no explanation for its decision, which was announced as Huntingdon chief executive Brian Cass was standing on the trading floor.

Catherine Kinney, president of the NYSE, is understood to have pulled the HLS executives aside and said that the NYSE had received calls from members of the New York financial community saying that the animal rights activists could threaten the security of the exchange.

Huntingdon Life Sciences has been exposed in five separate undercover investigations openly abusing animals, killing 500 per day testing such products as oven cleaners and pesticides. The company lost their listing on the NYSE where it traded Advanced Depositary Receipts and the London Stock Exchange, its main listing, over four years ago after a sustained campaign by activists.

Very disappointed, Mr. Cass prepared to fly home to London from New York, whilst an investor in HLS lamented “We are astonished that the New York Stock Exchange would knuckle under to a load of English hippies.”

Camille Hankins, Press Officer with the Animal Liberation Press Office and local coordinator with Win Animal Rights (WAR), a local organization protesting HLS, said “Brian Cass may be on Wall Street for the day, but WAR will be there every day after that.”

For more information on the SHAC campaign against HLS cruelty, visit or the North American Animal Liberation Press Office at