ALF Liberates 30 Foxes from Iowa Fur Farm

The Animal Liberation Front is taking responsibility for the release of 30 foxes from a fur farm in Anamosa, Iowa in the late-evening of Thursday, September 25th 2014. 10 years after the 2004 raid of the University of Iowa, the ALF has returned to east-central Iowa. The farm targeted was:

Robert Roman
23778 Fairview Road
Anamosa, IA 52205
The majority of fencing on the farm’s east and west sides were stripped away. The fencing on the north was enveloped in heavy brush and unlikely to be a point of passage, while the south abutted a shed retrofitted with living quarters, with lights on and a car outside, indicating we were not alone. 

An advantage of releasing foxes over mink is that foxes are silent. As a result, the proximity of fox pens to a farmer’s house is irrelevant, as we have shown.  Future visitors to fox farms should be aware that foxes are extremely timid. Unlike mink they should be encouraged to exit their cages as a vital ingredient of any fox rescue.

A point worth repeating: This entire action required $40 in gas, $20 in tools, and only a few hours to execute.

The past two years has seen a tenfold increase in the number of known fox farm addresses. The animal liberation movement is now in an unprecedented position to wipe out fox farming in the United States. Fox farms represent the softest of targets for these reasons:

  •        Fox farms are small, with animal numbers usually in the dozens.
  •       Foxes are silent (mentioned above).
  •    Foxes are rarely a primary income source for farmers, who can be more easily persuaded to discontinue fox farming.
  •      There are under 150 fox farms known to exist.

Foxes are genetically wild. There is a large and thriving wild fox population in Iowa. We encourage the media to maintain their professional integrity by seeking comment from actual wildlife biologists about the survivability of farm-raised fox, not fur farmers or their trade groups. 

To be clear, our mission extends far beyond fur. We aim to eradicate all animal-exploitation industries – meat, dairy, egg, animal research, and beyond. We encourage the public to adopt a vegan diet first; raid farms second. 

A final message to activists: The ALF doesn’t need your passive support. We need your active participation.

-Animal Liberation Front
Dedicated to accused mink rescuers currently under federal indictment in the United States, and activists making history in Eastern Europe.