Matt Miner’s new comic, Critical Hit, proves one night can make a difference

CriticalHit_01_cvr1-A_proof-RMatt Miner’s new comic, Critical Hit, proves one night can make a difference
The continuation of Liberator is another instant classic

By Nicoal R. Sheen
Press Officer, North American Animal Liberation Press Office

Critical Hit champions the idea that in one night, a well-planned and calculated direct action can change the course of history and according to writer and plot genius, Matt Miner, can “accomplish more than a hundred years of polite protest”.

We couldn’t agree more.

The animal liberation movement has saved innumerable lives due to critical hits. Such actions are focused on the most vital aspects of an animal abuser’s business and the goal is simple: shut down the operation with no hope for the business to ever recover.

Critical Hit not only gives the reader insight to the strategies of the clandestine but also offers a humanizing tale of people who just want to do the right thing – even when their actions to carry out justice could be misconstrued as wrong.

Not everyone will understand or agree, but it is not the liberator’s responsibility to explain their reasoning. Rather, their obligation is to the animals, who are imprisoned, hunted, exploited, or slaughtered. As one of the main characters – Jeanette – states, “Sometimes doing the right thing means you end up looking like the bad guy”.

We really couldn’t agree more.

Critical Hit proves that one person, one action, and one night can make a difference and highlights the internal struggle of how and when one should act when confronted with injustice.Issue #1 is available for purchase in comic stores and online at and on Wednesday, October 1, 2014.