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Roundabout as Conflict-avoidance versus Malcolm X’s Psychology of Liberation

by Denis Rancourt In the present essay I introduce the general notion of “roundabout” as a mechanism of conflict avoidance used by privileged social justice activists. I then contrast this pseudo-liberation activism with the needed true liberation activism of Malcolm X, which I argue to be consistent with the model of liberation of Freire. INTRODUCTION …

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COINTELPRO, Provocateurs, and Prisoners: An Interview

By Peter Young Simulposted with Voice of the Voiceless and Thomas Paine’s Corner I recently did an interview with Dylan from Vegan Police that is timely and worth reposting. The interview covered subjects that have become increasingly relevant with recent events, including: provocateurs, critics, informants, COINTELPRO, how to deal with suspected informants, and much more. …

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Guide To Direct Action

(Updated August 1, 2011) Disclaimer: The author of this guide does not partake in or encourage illegal activities. The author of this guide is not a member of any group considered by the FBI to be a terrorist group. This guide is written and published for informational purposes only. This guide is not copyrighted. Activists …

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Animal Rights Violence

By Rick Bogle 8/23/07 Gary Francione, well known Rutgers University law professor and animal rights philosopher, has written a piece on his blog explaining why violence should not be advocated nor employed in any attempt to advance animals’ rights. Before I criticise his position, let me make it clear: I’m not advocating violence. We have …

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Nobody Talks, Everybody Walks

Recently, a trusted activist and ally in the So Cal community was coerced into the local police station to talk. The cops claimed (falsely) to have an arrest warrant, and convinced the activist to come down to the station – or face arrest. Agents and cops will say anything to terrorize people and it is …

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Animal Activists Fight for Their Own Rights Some Utah animal advocates fear being put in a legal cage.

By Jesse Fruhwirth Salt Lake City WeeklyIn June 2008, Jeremy Beckham took a day trip from Seattle to Vancouver, British Columbia, with his girlfriend and brother to visit famed Capilano Suspension Bridge. The longtime Salt Lake City animal-rights activist had no problem entering Canada, but his name was flagged by the U.S. Customs and Border …

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RAGE (Radicals against Greed and Exploitation)

Justice will ultimately prevail RAGE (Radicals against Greed and Exploitation), our newly formed collective, makes its debut and hastens to build a bridge By Jason Miller As highly-respected Animal Rights philosopher Tom Regan has observed, those who truly embrace an animal rights and vegan ethic view nonhuman animals as friends and equals, recognizing that fundamental differences …

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Words Without Action Are Wrong

Camille Marino Negotiation Is Over “Let’s face facts : After decades of environmental struggles, we are nevertheless losing ground in the battle to preserve species, ecosystems, and wilderness. Increasingly, calls for moderation, compromise, and the slow march through institutions can be seen as treacherous and grotesquely inadequate. In the midst of predatory global capitalism and …

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Magical Abolitionism: Francione Admits Defeat and Irrelevance As He Degenerates into Self-Parody by Steven Best

Simulposted with – Negotiation Is Over  &  Thomas Paines Corner “Let’s be honest. The animal rights movement as we now know it will never become a revolutionary struggle because the representatives of the oppressed enjoy enough privilege from the system they oppose to prevent them from supporting, let alone engaging in actual revolutionary activity that would …

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NEW NLG Resource! Operation Backfire: A Survival Guide

NEW NLG Resource! Operation Backfire: A Survival Guide for Environmental and Animal Rights Activists. Download here.