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Animal Abusers Targeted in France

In recent weeks, animal-exploiting businesses in Bordeaux have been vandalized with graffiti: “Life is not a product to consume,” “Meat is Murder” and other messages were painted on fast-food restaurants, “Open the Cages” and “Animal Liberation” were painted on a delicatessen, and “Murderers” was painted on two butch er shops.    

Locks Glued at Meat Shops in Chile

Received anonymously: On December 23 in the city of Valparaiso we used liquid steel to glue 3 sites that do business with death. On December 30, 5 other meat markets saw their locks glued on Quillota Street in the city of Viña del Mar. At both actions we left propaganda claiming the action (statement and …

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600 Mink Liberated by ALF in Italy

From Media Reports: 600 mink were released from cages at a fur farm in Misano di Gera d’Adda (Bergamo) late on December 30. “ALF” and “Free the Animals” were painted on a wall at the farm. The farm reported damages of 30,000 Euros. According to media reports, the mink once released “scattered in the surrounding …

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Hunt Sabotage in South of France

Received anonymously: Vive le vand’, vive le vand’, vive le vandalisme ! Bonne année! Bon sabotage! 01/01/2017 – South of France VA.

ALF Sabotages Meat and Dairy Products in Chile

Received anonymously (translation): In anticipation of the ‘Christmas holidays’ and ‘new year celebrations,’ anonymous individuals carried out numerous sabotages of various meat and dairy products in national supermarket chains in Santiago; products were sabotaged using mini hand knives leaving leaving large holes and rips in the packaging. These sabotages meant that their customers could not …

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ALF Liberates 18 Mice in Honiton (UK)

Received anonymously: On Christmas Eve, ALF Plymouth & SD joined forced with associates in the mid county in liberating 18 mice from a rodent farm near Honiton. It is not known where the mice in this facility are destined but the farm has security and hygiene processes on the outside. Inside the conditions were atrocious, …

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ALF Targets Pheasant Shooting Estate in UK

Received anonymously: ALF targeted a pheasant shooting estate at the beginning of December. 55 feeding stations were destroyed. A pheasant pen over 200 sqm was completely put down. Aniseed and feed trails were traced towards the outside of the shooting estate to attract the birds to safety. The cabins were spray painted to ensure the …

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Meat, Fish Shops Vandalized for the Fourth Time in Athens

Received anonymously: Tonight, 23/12/16 we vandalized again a meat shop and a fish shop in Nea Philadelphia (Athens), Greece. We already have vandalized the same meat spot four times, and the same fish shop two times. We painted both shops with red color which symbolizes the blood of the 3 billion innocent animals who die …

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French Veal Farm Destroyed by Fire

A building at a veal farm in Saint-Martial-le-Vieux (Creuse) was partly destroyed in an arson attack early on December 22. The building contained straw, tractors and other equipment. No animals were harmed in the fire. Slogans– “No to the concentration camps!”, “Fuck Jean Rozé” (French meat company under contract with the veal farm), and slogans …

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Pigs Liberated from Factory Farm in Austria

Anonymous activists liberated two pigs from a factory farm in Austria. The pigs will spend the rest of their lives at a sanctuary. Click here for video from the liberation.

Butcher Shops Vandalized in Patras (Greece)

According to media reports, four butcher shops in Patras were vandalized early on December 17. Windows were broken, and “Fire to the slaughterhouses” and other slogans were painted on the shops and on vehicles.

Fur Shop Painted in Atens, Greece

Fur shop vandalized in Peristeri (Athens), Greece. Two messages were painted on the shop: “animal liberation” and “fur bleeds.”

Livestock Truck Sabotaged in Chile

anonymous report (translation by Earth First! Journal): From the Bío-Bío region in the province of Arauco. We are against human authoritarianism against different animals, whether through physical torture, mental stress, bad treatment, humiliation, rape, or death, benefits are gained for their sickly lives. Lives full of selfish and capitalist desires, like, for example, through pseudo …

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Hunting Cabin Sabotaged in France

Photos from an action at a palombiere (hunting cabin) in the South of France.              

ALF Vandalizes Butcher in Castres, France

  Received anonymously (translation): On the night of December 6, members of the ALF vandalized a butcher in Castres in the South of France: glue in the locks, window broken, and a knife used to carve the words ‘meat = murder’, ‘assassins’. As long as they continue to kill with impunity we will be there. …

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