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Hunt the HUnters! Tower Toppled in Sweden

Received anonymously: Hunting tower was toppled in the mid south of the swedish woods. Hunt the hunters! For All Wildlife -Hunt Saboteurs Sweden

Six Chicks Rescued from Large Farm (Australia)

According to an anonymous report on, vegan activists rescued six chicks from a large farm. Click here for video of the rescue, and here for video of the rescued chicks.

“Hunters, Shoot Yourselves”: Hunting Cabins Vandalized in Italy

According to an anonymous report on, four hunting cabins were vandalized and many cages destroyed in Bergamo. Birds used as decoys were liberated. On the walls of a cabin, a message was spraypainted, “Hunters, shoot yourselves.”

ALF/ELF Liberates Dozens of Animals from Vivisection Lab in Chile

During the first week in October, the ALF/ELF liberated dozens of rodents from a laboratory at the University of Chile in Santiago. Anonymous report (translation by Earth First! Journal): As is already public knowledge, we entered into the animal torture center located in the Ecology Department of the University of Chile on the Juan Gómez Milla …

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Badger Cull Sabotage (UK)

Received anonymously, from (view video from the actions here): Windows smashed, car tires slashed, hunting paraphernalia sabotaged, traps destroyed. We will sabotage this cull by any means necessary. The badger cull is just another show of our insolent arrogance as human beings. Another attempt to justify our speciesism, believing we should play god in how wildlife self-regulates, …

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Hen and Dove Liberated (France)

anonymous report, from (translation by Unoffensive Animal): Today, me and two other friends, whose names will remain anonymous, wandered into the forest. We have explored the forest of our city in every corner, with friends, enjoying this beautiful sunny day. After two hours of walking, we stumbled upon a cage where a hen and a dove …

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8 Rabbits Liberated in Kadikoy (Turkey)

According to an anonymous report on, eight rabbits used for entertainment were liberated by activists in Kadıköy.

17 Chickens Liberated in Czech Republic

Report from (click here for more photos from the rescue): We were here three weeks ago. The shed we got in the last time was empty. We weren‘t able to enter the next one. At first there were problems with the opening, then we retreated because of a guards visitor and then again when he went …

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Two Chickens Liberated (UK)

Received anonymously, from Unoffensive Animal: Two 42-day old chickens were liberated by activists outside a slaughterhouse in the midlands. They’re safe and warm now, saved from a fate their brothers and sisters weren’t.

ALF Sabotage Circus Posters (Sweden)

Received anonymously: Delayed report: Cirkus Brazil Jack got their advertisement all smashed up. Until all are free. ALF Örebro

Three Hunting Towers Sabotaged in UK

Received anonymously, from Unoffensive Animal: Whilst out trampling traps and pissing off Badger murdering shooters, activists in the cull zone in one afternoon sabotaged three hunting towers. We will not simply pass by these tools of oppression and allow exploitation and killing to continue unchallenged. Liberation is for all! We encourage everyone to make a stand …

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Numerous ALF/ELF Actions in Chile, September 2017

Received anonymously, from (translation by Earth First! Journal): For some time now we have been coordinating in an informal manner to increase actions for animal, human, and earth liberation from an anarchist position. The month of September was no exception, as several cells of ALF and ELF took concrete action in Chilean territory, specifically in Santiago (Stgo.) …

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Vivisection Laboratory Defaced in Argentina

Received anonymously, from Manada por la Liberación Animal (translation): On Tuesday, 4 animal liberation activists caused economic damage to the CEMIC research center, in which experiments are conducted with capuchin monkeys. This event adds to the protests that have been happening around the world against vivisection and experimentation on non-human animals. We will not rest until the …

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Saboteurs Topple Hunting Tower in Riala (Sweden)

Received anonymously: Hunter tower in Riala, Sweden Action done by Hunt Saboteurs Sweden

13 Animal Exploiter Websites Hacked in France

Received anonymously, from Animals are not commodities ! We are not commodities ! On the 4th of October will be held an animal farming summit ( at Clermont-ferrand in France. Most of the websites on this server are participants and exhibitors of this grotesque production of violent and obscene cruelties towards non-human animals all the …

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