Fur Farm Liberations Begin, What Are You Doing This Summer?

In an anonymous communique received by the North American Animal Liberation Press Office, activists state they released every last fox from Schmuecker Fox Farm in Luzerne, Iowa. The communique reads, in full:

June 20th⁠
All cages were opened, all breeding cards were scattered or destroyed, and perimeter fences were leveled at Schmuecker Fox Farm in Luzerne, Iowa. Anyone can do this, and the summer has just begun.⁠

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Foxes remain genetically wild animals that roam miles a day but are kept in tiny cages on fur farms; their treatment is egregiously cruel and violent. They are killed by gassing, clubbing or anal electrocution in November, before being skinned, sometimes while still alive, for their fur. The animals liberated now have a fighting chance at life; they faced a 100 percent death rate if they stayed on the farm.⁠

The number of fur farms in America has dwindled from more than 300 in the 1990s to perhaps less than 50 today, as the fur industry continues its steady decline into oblivion. A listing of all known fur farms in North America, is available here: https://finalnail.com/