Bird Freed, Trees Spiked, Machines Destroyed (Oregon, USA)

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via: Rose City Counterinfo

Over the weekend, two simultaneous attacks occurred at construction sites for a major refined petroleum pipeline running through the forested hills of Portland OR. Work is ongoing to upgrade the pipeline, which is run by Kinder Morgan and carries diesel and gasoline between Portland and Eugene. The pipeline is an essential supply line for gas stations in the area and part of a bigger network that runs up the West coast.

Two sites were sabotaged in forest park. At one site, a large excavator and other pieces of equipment were made un usable. Wires and tubing were cut and tools left on the worksite were used to cause more damage. A bird trapped in anti erosion netting was cut free. At the other site, dozens of trees have already been cut down above the pipe. The remaining trees set to be removed were spiked with various kinds of nails and bolts. A piece of equipment was destroyed there as well. All equipment belonged to Michels, a major company that builds pipelines including the Keystone XL.

The arteries of industry are all over. With a bit of imagination and effort, anyone can attack them. Leviathan is always vulnerable.

Strike now.