ALF Liberates Tortured Dog (Ireland)

Received anonymously:

Earlier this year, the Ulster Brigade of the Animal Liberation Front of Ireland liberated a German Shepherd from a life of hell.

For years, this beautiful big German Shepherd dog had been chained to an iron block and was living in a small pen, covered in his own faeces and his food thrown on top of it. The bowl he was expected to drink from was full of green algae. The dog had welt marks on his side from being beaten and was generally unkempt.

A kind soul who carried out work at the property alerted one of our volunteers to this poor dog’s plight. Within a few hours, a team assembled and were ready for the liberation mission.

The imprisoner of this beautiful creature was an elderly farmer who was known locally to brandish a shotgun to trespassers on his land. Our team of volunteers appropriately armed themselves and went equipped for any eventuality.

Within seconds of entering the property, our volunteers had managed to set the beautiful dog free from his shackles and he jumped into our vehicle without hesitation – as if to tell us to get him out of there as fast as we could.

The PSNI decided to share a stolen dog post. Rest assured, this big lad wasn’t stolen – he was LIBERATED!

The photo that the police service put up got them a lot of negative attention and people hoped and prayed that this dog was saved. Your prayers were answered.

We got the lovely boy to his safehouse, a few hundred miles away, where he’d spend a few weeks being assessed before we found him a permanent home. Truth be told, for a dog so mistreated, he had the most gentle, patient and loving personality of any dog we’ve ever come across! He was even trusted with the rescued horses.

His permanent companions came and collected him and he has been a welcomed addition to their household ever since. He has a sofa and bed to call his own – some new canine siblings and never has to worry about being mistreated again.

As for the farmer, our volunteers have made sure that he will never mistreat a dog again, lest he want to lose his mobility.

Up the ALF!