Dog Liberated by ALF (South America)

Received anonymously:

The liberation of Locky

Activists find themselves in a sadly normalized situation: a puppy is locked in a house under reconstruction:

“For several weeks, the dog was seen behind the gate of this house without water or food. After some research, a neighbour told the activists that he took care of the dog for a long weekend –he had run away from their “masters”, who didn’t feed him.

In this hopeless scenario for the puppy, considering that his role in this family was “guarding” the uninhabitable land under remodeling, the activists decided to do something.

So, on a rainy afternoon after verifying that there was no one in the house, they broke in and were able to take the dog out, who was in a room at the bottom of the house without water or food.

He’s now in a shelter with other dogs waiting to be adopted! This is a very common problem in Latin-America: using dogs as security tools (police use them as part of their force as well).

No use or objectification is justified. We reject that from the ALF and attack the root of the problem, that’s why we always opt for direct action, given that our animal siblings cannot liberate themselves.

Every species deserves respect. Veganism is justice!