Political Prisoner Maxim Plokhoi Initiates May Day Hunger Strike (Ukraine)

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Open letter

Glory to the Earth! Glory to the earthlings! There is more truth in such a greeting… Because HOME is the whole Earth, the whole planet, and not a part of the mainland with towers and walls around the perimeter. They divided the Earth with barbed wire into exclusion zones, and we rejoice in self-deception, we celebrate hatred.

Every person, first of all, is an earthling, whose duty is to leave a living and healthy planet for posterity. Earthlings are not only people; for four billion years, the Earth gave birth to more than one and a half million species of living beings, and gave all its children the right to life and freedom.

People decided otherwise.  They decided to live not with their hearts, but with their stomachs, not with mercy and justice, but with brutality and insatiable consumption. We have created a legal, political and economic SYSTEM that legalizes and justifies the Atrocities of people against the Living Nature of the Earth; a system that kills innocent earthlings.

For politicians and officials above all power and money, above all – the interests of capital, big business; POLITICS – OLIGARCHIC SYSTEMS serve the interests of those who most pollute the atmosphere, land and water, those who slaughter and kill billions of animals.

In the US alone, ten billion animals are killed annually for food, up to 70 million for research, more than 100 million for hunting, millions killed and maimed by the entertainment industry… The largest extinction of wild animal species in the last 65 million years is taking place.

Half of all greenhouse gas emissions that cause GLOBAL WARMING are carried out by animal husbandry. 70 percent of the felled forests are used for grazing cattle and growing fodder crops.

Meat-eating is one of the main causes of air, land and water pollution; pollution of the soul. The senseless and immoral habit (it is a habit, not an urgent need) of people to eat the corpses of slaughtered animals is destroying the planet.

Economic growth of states is the result of ECOCIDE. The UN predicts that by 2050, livestock in animal husbandry will increase to 120 billion heads (in 2012, there were 60 billion). Since 1972, the organization has annually held “Earth Summits”, at which environmental problems are “solved”. The results are meager. The demand for meat is growing.

90 percent of what is called the fight for ecology and ANIMAL RIGHTS is imitation and populism; lofty slogans are used for political purposes, as a tool of corporate warfare. Earth protection laws do not reduce, but only regulate human atrocities. The so-called green parties and organizations have turned the matter of CONSCIENCE into a way of making money, a tool of politics.

The main thing remains silent: the riches of political-oligarchic systems are the fruits of robbery and murder of the Living Nature of the Earth; fruits of global SOCIAL INJUSTICE. The fortunes of the hundred richest people on the planet are equal to the fortunes of four billion of the poorest earthlings. One percent of the Earth’s population owns ninety percent of its wealth. 15 countries own 84 percent of the planet’s material assets. There are 2,700 billionaires in the world!… and 25,000 children in poor countries die of poverty every day.

Utilitarian ethics of political-oligarchic systems turned the Earth into a meat market, a weapons factory and a military-police barracks! Eight hundred thousand people commit suicide every year. The system kills them. Kills with the lack of meaning in life. Despite the obvious SPIRITUAL BANKRUPTCY of humanity, politicians, popes and oligarchs, that is, the government, continue their lies, their total manipulation of the consciousness of billions of cowards. The system is a fake world of fake people who live in fear of the Truth.

The vicious circle of total injustice must be broken by an uncompromising struggle for eternal, universal values. That said, there are a thousand ways to be a very bad person without breaking any laws. We, “political animals”, have achieved great success in this. A thousand ways of TERRORISM IN THE LAW, a thousand ways of legal atrocities – because we allowed the system to be our conscience.

Leonardo da Vinci: “I believe that the time will come when people, like me, will look at the killer of an animal in the same way as the killer of a man.”

Yuval Noah Harari: “Our legal, political and economic system is based on the belief that humans have an immortal soul, and animals have only perishable bodies. This explains why people are not prohibited from killing animals for food, or even just for fun.” “Man is a serial killer of the environment.”


Peter Singer: “For most modern legal systems, animals are the same human property as tables and chairs… Personally, for me, vegetarianism or veganism is not an end in itself, but a way to reduce the suffering of people and animals, and pass on a livable planet to my descendants. I haven’t eaten meat for 40 years


Stephen Best: “For animals, every second of life is a terrorist attack on 9/11.”


Tom Regan: “The system that allows us to think of animals as resources is fundamentally wrong.” “What is true about the release of people, no less true of the liberation of animals.”


Albert Schweitzer: “To understand whether animals have a soul, you need to have a soul yourself.”


Nature management systems have reached such a level of total evil that the Earth is no longer capable of self-renewal and self-purification. TERRORISM over the Living Earth is so universally accepted and habitual that it is impossible to effectively oppose it with a “peaceful protest”. It is impossible to fight evil while remaining within the framework of rules and laws that sanctify this evil.
On 07/21/2020, I carried out the Anti-System Day campaign. It was a protest against total injustice, against terrorism in the law. The President fulfilled my main request – he recorded a video message urging people to watch the movie “Earthlings”. This film is about terrorism; terrorism of people over Life. Billions of animals are our hostages. RELEASE THE HOSTAGES – campaign concept. No one was hurt during my performance; it was an attempt to awaken the CONSCIENCE of the people. I fulfilled the duty of a person – I stood up for the protection of earthlings who cannot protect themselves.
The verdict of the system is a testimony that he executed it in good faith. DO NOT KILL – the universal and eternal principle of JUSTICE. It is our duty to extend this principle to all sensual Nature, to all earthlings, whose suffering and desire to live are obvious. There will be no peace in the world until people’s consciousness is resurrected by compassion for animals. All our humanity will be hypocrisy and self-deception until we realize that killing people begins with killing animals. Wars between people are a consequence of the WAR against the Living Earth. Global EXISTENTIAL CRISIS is the result of brutality and indifference of the people of the system.
WE REAP WHAT WE SOWN. There is salvation – in returning to Nature. Look into the eyes of those whom you consider meat… you will see yourself. Despite all the efforts of the political-oligarchic regime – I am still alive, and therefore I must continue the fight for Justice for all Earthlings.
Announcing a hunger strike – this is how POLITICAL PRISONERS fought the system at all times; in order to state evil in this way and move people to change the existing state of affairs…I ANNOUNCE A HUNGER – a protest against ecocide, against terrorism in the law. My REBELLION OF JUSTICE cleanses the world. A solitary cell is a credit to Istyna.
May all our days be Earth Day.
Maksym Kryvosh ( Plokhoi )