ALF Disrupts Hunters’ Sleep (Victoria, Australia)

Received anonymously:

Earlier this year Jacinta Allen’s office was paid a visit by the A.L.F for her decision to go against her own governments recommendation to ban duck shooting. This is likely due to her personal ties with hunters, and the fair share of hunter population in her electorate. The A.L.F vowed to show up on the wetlands to disrupt and sabotage hunting activity. Here we are.

In the early morning of open day (10th April), the A.L.F paid a visit to Lake Colac and disrupted the sleep of hunters camped out on the lake by playing loud metal music and screaming out the windows. Song of choice for this fine morning was Deadbringer by Aborted.

Meanwhile down in Geelong near Lake Connewarre, on the morning of opening, a hunter broke shooting laws by opening fire at a swamp hen out of frustration. He opened fire at a pair of ducks flying overhead and when his shot missed, proceeded to shoot an illegal to shoot bird, a swamp hen. Further rules broken on the wetlands included a shooter carrying his gun unbroken, two wounded ducks not even attempted to be retrieved by the shooter who shot them and the flying of a drone. All illegal activities and the Game Management Authority were nowhere to be seen.

The duck shooting season will be active up until June 5th, we will be there day and night, ensuring hunters have as little joy as possible and we will bring you updates as they come. We vow to fight for the innocent ducks that have been slaughtered over the years and the ducks that are yet to be murdered.

Hunters will be hunted this duck shooting season.

We acknowledge the First Nations people whose land this action took place on. We stand in solidarity with their fight for freedom and liberation from the oppressive forces of colonialism.