41 Ducks Liberated (UK)

Received anonymously:

With the moon as our accomplice and determined to take part in a prison break we approached a barn and pulled our tools out. After cutting through the mesh, forcing a window open and climbing through a hole in the wall, tens of thousands of ducklings greeted us with high pitched sounds.

They must’ve been three, maybe four days old. Many, perhaps the lucky ones, were already dead on the floor. 

We gently caught forty birds and put them in carriers, ready for a better life, destined to breaking free. We wrote a message on the wall so that the scum that profits from the torture and murder of ducks is aware that some people are willing to fight back. “One more”, someone said, so forty-one came with us and we walked away having made dozens of new friends.

As we came out, we thought of Jack and Ita, both having been released from prison not so long ago, and we thought of Ru, Tortu and Panda, who are still locked up in a hellhole in Chile.

Until we see each other again, we will keep fighting in your name.

Become an accomplice to their prison breaks, become an accessory to the destruction of their oppressors, become a tool for their revenge.

Fight back against the machine that devours us all with the greed of capitalism.

For a future of freedom and solidarity, a present of fire.

Some anarchists.

‘To act to take our life back is to already regain it on the terrain of struggle, to already become the creator of one’s own existence, even if in constant battle with a monstrous order determined to crush us.’ Bonanno. “