Dairy Farm Sabotaged (Leicestershire, UK)

Received anonymously:

it is no longer enough to liberate animals from abuse whilst causing the scum that abuse them no bother. for that reason, we fucked up a dairy parlour as much as we could and hope the farmer had an absolute nightmare of a morning when they woke up.

every single one of the milking hoses were cut, as was all the iodine pipes and the air compression pipes that produce suction to milk the cows. the touchscreen computer that controls the whole system was broken, connectors cut and screen smashed.

in the dead of night, with accomplice cows mooing to cover the sound of destruction, we fight back against the capitalist system that commodifies cows as milking machines.

“we’ll be the burning rage
of a dying planet
it’s not too late
this is not the end.”

to jack in atlanta. fire burns in our hearts. the world keeps fighting.

some anarchists.