Underground Badger Syndicate Destroys 20 Mole Traps (UK)

originally published on @undergroundbadgersyndicate


After the main intensive cull dies off, Underground Badger Syndicate goes into semi-hibernation, like badgers, and spends less time out and more time grunting indoors to survive the winter.

We’ve had enough now and are ready to make hunters upset with our antics, and as every year, the spring trapping season is about to start and we cannot wait to see how many scumbags we can make sad this year!

Just to kickstart it, after checking on some local setts that had been fucked with by the hunt the week before, we decided to check around the main house in a very posh estate. As it was expected, we found mole traps littered all over their incredibly pristine and obviously lifeless grass field they’d call a garden.

We wasted no fucking time and pulled a total of twenty traps from the ground. Because that was not enough, we decided to nick a spade they had in their garage and made sure their green and flat excuse of a garden gained a few extra holes, mounds and imperfections.

You truly need to be a posh twat to want to kill moles. Fuck posh twats, and fuck mole killers.