Veal Calves Released (Bavaria, Germany)

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Autumn 2023, Bavaria Germany. (Delayed report)

Received anonymously:

During the night we visited a local dairy farm. In front of the building in which the enslaved mothercows are held, there were the calf boxes. The very little calves were kept alone in one box. The bigger ones were kept in a group of four. We started opening the boxes. We opened about 8 boxes. As soon as we opened the box of the bigger ones, three calves ran out right away and started playing with each other. We started our way home into the night. The sky were full of stars, but the view of this beautiful night sky was not as beautiful as what we would witness next.

At first we just heard a undefiniable sound, just some feet away from us. Looking around we spotted the three calves running over grass , into the fields, like they were following us. Soon they dissapeared in the darkness. We hope they had an amazing night and run far away. But unfortunately they will be caught again very likely. Thats why we need everyone to help destroy all animal abusing industries. This was just a small sabotage of a small dairy farm. But if this small action, that just takes a few minutes , will be carried out systematicaley , from activist everywhere, where animals are kept in cages/boxes, it will effectively disrupt the dairy industry. Please join us and visit your local dairy farms and open every calf box and in the best case also destroy them all.

We did this action three times within some weeks at the same dairy farm.

Until every cage and calf box is empy!!! 😀