Aldi’s Dairy Sabotaged (Bavaria, Germany)

Received anonymously:

For weeks we saw the dairy advertising of aldi promoting organic dairy products. Those selling animal products never tell the truth about the products and about how the industry works. So we do.

Armed with spraycans, we went out in an icecold december night.

The billboard said: ” organic that goes further”
We corrected it to: “Organic that further exploits”
Under the slogan we wrote: “Cows milk is for calves not humans”

On one side wall where everyone that enters the supermarket sees it we wrote: “For (organic) dairy , cows are shiverring inside a slaughterhouse. Live vegan! “

Dairy always means exploitation and murder of innocent, beautiful beings. Organic dairy still means slavery and murder.

We have to stop the brainwashing with which the industry tries to establish a good image for animal abuse products.

Until all calves can grow up with their mother and can experience love and freedom.

Justice for all animals