5 Piglets Liberated (Bavaria Germany)

Received anonymously:

We entered a local pig breeding farm. We saw the mother sows and the piglets in the typical farrowing crates. We just came to liberate, so we quickly grabbed two piglets and put them in our transportation boxes. Befor leaving, we noticed one very small piglet, lying far away from the mother. It had several bruses and looked seriously ill. The other piglets just ran over it and it wasnt able to get up and get to the mother sow. We knew it would die very soon if we just leave it there, so we left the farm with three piglets.

At home we took care of them immediatly and we took the ill one to the vet. But despite of our effort, it died in our home after one week fighting for its life. Fortunately the other two piglets were coming alive and really enjoyed their new freedom.

We found a new permanent home for them and to our surprise the new home offered a place to stay for another two pigs. So we prepared the next liberation. During a night, at the same farm, we liberated another two piglets. One should never liberate just one pig, because pigs are very social animals that form friendships and need social engaging. At home, the new piglets were very afraid at first. They never experienced one drop of human kindness. It took a while until they started explore their new temporary home. But after about one hour both fell asleep, cuddling on our laps. The next morning we brought all four piglets to their new permanent home.

They really gained a special place in our hearts. They loved cuddling and really are very individual, social sentient beings. The exploitation and murder of such beings must stop. NOW.

The people that hurt them will learn the same fear the animals suffer.

The piglet that died really touched our hearts and we will do everything to get its brothers and sisters out of this evil industry.

Justice for all animals!