How to Anonymously Send a Communique to the Press Office (It’s Easy!)

So maybe you’ve been busy out there helping animals and want to let others know how easy it is to be a real liberationist? Maybe you want to inspire others to help animals in the most efficient way possible, the way we would want others to help US if we were in such dire circumstances?

The easiest way to send us an anonymous communique is by email, and the safest way to do that is to create a new protonmail address here: (it’s free), obviously not using your real name or contact information (they don’t care), use it to send your communique (including attachments such as images), then NEVER login to or use that email again. Use a VPN or a computer that doesn’t belong to you (or anyone you care about) for added security.

Send the email to, and we will post the communique to our website and social media, usually within 24 hours (unless you ask us not to do so). Using this method ensures your message is encrypted end-to-end, and no one but us can read it, not even the folks at We don’t want to know who you are, both for your safety and ours.

In almost 20 years of receiving communiques in this fashion, no activist has even been identified by their sending the communique. We have so much gratitude for those out there helping animals, and inspiring others, including ourselves!