Captive Pheasants Liberated from Fullflight Game Farm in Bernardston, Massachusetts (USA)

Received anonymously:

On November 25th, the evening immediately following the Thanksgiving horror-day, 10 sections of fencing were cut and ripped away at the Fullflight Game Farm in Bernardston, Massachusetts. Edwin Gray’s disgusting business purpose breeds pheasants and other wild birds to be sold for blood sports. As a result, they are untamed and perfectly capable of surviving in the wild. Since the action took place early in the night, it can be assumed that many of the thousands of birds held captive at the facility found their way to freedom, and the economic damage from destroying over 100 feet of fencing is undeniable.
This liberation had less than a day’s worth of planning and used only simple tools. Even in the light of a blinking red security box, with a house mere yards away, the work continued undeterred. It’s up to us to free them from their prisons so that they may run, swim and fly free. Liberate!
4 Brattleboro Rd. Bernardston, MA 01337
(413) 648-9580