Animal Rights Militia, Ulster Brigade Smashes Hunt Vehicle Windscreen (Annaghmore, Ireland)

Received anonymously:

The Ulster Brigade of the Animal Rights Militia paid visit to a fox hunting group who were terrorising the countryside of Annaghmore, County Armagh. (11/11/23)

The group in question are notoriously hostile towards any opposition to their presence. They are known for having zero control over their hounds and there have been several incidents involving people’s beloved companion cats/dogs being mauled, as well as wildlife.

Sab groups in the area cannot confront this particular hunt without large numbers due to the extent of violence this hunt are willing to inflict, even with cameras running.

ARM Volunteers were tipped off to this hunt being in the area and within minutes were on the scene.

Volunteers decided the best course of action was to inflict damage to the most expensive pickup truck in the group. The windscreen of this £100,000+ vehicle was smashed within a matter of seconds.

If Sab groups are unable to traditionally tackle this hunt, ARM Volunteers will ensure that every outing for them is a costly one. Our methods will only become more chaotic if our warning is not heeded.

Colonial British bloodspots are not welcome in Ireland.
Animal killers are not welcome in Ireland.

Saoirse Go Deo!
ARM Ireland.