It is never a good idea to talk to the police or FBI

An FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force has been visiting activists in the Boston area. There is no need for activists to worry, we have seen this behavior many times in the past. Visits have been more frequent in the past, and indeed are a sign that we are being effective in our struggles for animal liberation.

Should you or a family member, friend or roommate ever get a visit, and its very unlikely that you will, there are a few things concerning security culture that you (and they) should know. No one EVER has to talk to an agent, and no good can ever come from doing so. The more likely they think you are willing to speak to them, the more they will continue to try and question you.

ALWAYS tell them you have nothing to say, and to go away immediately. NEVER let them into your home. You CAN assert your right to counsel if you wish, but you literally don’t have to say a word to them. Shut the door, or don’t answer it in the first place if you suspect they are agents.

This is the guy who has recently tried to talk to activists in the New England area:





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