100 Chickens Liberated by 269LA (France)

Received anonymously:

It’s with rage and determination that we headed back to the slaughterhouses – which have been the target of the 269LA collective for the past 8 years – and once again grabbed our crowbars to rescue 100 individuals from death in an industrial slaughterhouse !

We have been preparing this direct action for months to ensure its success, as it is difficult to liberate so many animals without being seen or heard.

Slaughterhouses are becoming more and more secure, but we have an overflowing imagination and we’re developing effective plans.

We were 25 comrades from all over Europe, who shared the same story, the one that 269LA writes with its radical theory and practice. The real “nightmare” we’ve been living since almost a year [* An important explanation of the situation can be found in the 296la’s profile] has strengthened our bonds and given rise to a new, closer-knit community, made up of comrades linked by militant acts, friendships, memories of past actions and the determination to revolt.

Because 269LA was born from the blood of slaughterhouses and from the soil of its sanctuary, we were truly reminded of what we are capable of doing together.

After 42 direct actions, which have ignited so many revolutionary sparks and led hundreds of comrades towards direct action, we remembered this beautiful and powerful history and decided that we won’t let it end.

269LA’s contribution has been to shed light on animal exploitation as a social and historical phenomenon, a system of domination in its own right, and to use offensive struggle practices that target its structures. And the animal cause is one of the struggles where the question of the immensity of the task at hand is particularly acute, and thus where reflection on the meaning and the form of political action is most developed.

Since its creation, our collective has liberated nearly 2400 oppressed animals. All these comrades live today in our sanctuary and friendly sanctuaries in Europe.

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