One-Hit Wonders: US States With Only One Remaining Fur Farm

This former mink farm (shown), which confined and killed tens of thousands of animals every year is now closed.

There are many states home to only one remaining fur farm. Farmers are pelting out due to record-low pelt prices, declining demand for their products, and continued illegal direct action against this violent and antiquated industry.


Mid-Missouri Fox Farm (David W. Moyer)
12640 Derstler Road
Richmond, MO 64085
The Mid-Missouri Fox Farm may be closed and further investigation is needed to determine farm status


Richard H. Stahl & Sons Mink Farm
4130 Pennsylvania 890
Sunbury, PA 17801
This farm saw 7,000 prisoners disappear into the wilderness last week.


John & Peggy Smeal Fox Farm
963 County Road F
Scribner, NE 68057

New York

The state is completely free of mink farms, and most likely fur farm free. The Pachucinski Fox Farm in Collins, NY is likely closed and needs further investigation.

Pachucinski Farm (A.J. Pachucinski)
2733 Lenox Road
Collins, NY 14034

South Dakota

Brown Mink Farm (Wes Brown)
45622 207th Street
Arlington, SD 57212
Brown is a Board Member of Fur Commission USA.

North Dakota (possibly 2 fur farms in operation – both confine and electrocute foxes for their fur.

Roy Kringstad Fox Farm
7516 County Road 4
Drayton, ND 58225

Mike Liane Fox Farm
7545 Highway 2
Devils Lake, ND 58301

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