Underground Badger Syndicate: Smashing Cages in UK

Since the beginning of the badger cull operation in the UK, over 200k badgers have been killed. Badgers are a protected species in the UK, but because cattle farmers blame them for bovine tuberculosis, every year an intensive cull is organised in specific areas of England in an attempt to reduce the numbers down to 30%.

Many groups, hunt sabs and individuals fight the badger cull day and night, looking for traps to smash, searching for shooters to move on from setts and causing a nuisance to every single person who gets involved in the murder of badgers.

UBS, like every year, is out there in the fields getting wet and muddy and terrorising hunters and farmers wherever they walk. Since the beginning of September they have smashed badger cage after badger cage, toppled the hunting towers they find on the way and destroying all other wildlife murdering traps they stumble upon.

They reached out to let us know that they are in need of economic support to carry on being the absolute pain in the ass they are to hunters and that they’ve set up a fundraiser. If you can afford it, please send UBS some coins. As they are a completely independent group they do not receive funding from any organisation, so your help will be immensely appreciated.

You can find UBS on:
Instagram: @undergroundbadgersyndicate
Facebook: When The Wild Things Come At Night.