In an online post on Wednesday, the Animal Liberation Front, an activist group labeled an extremist movement by the FBI, shared a message from the culprit admitting they freed the animals and identifying the farm that was targeted as the Olsen Fur Farm outside Independence, Wisconsin.

Deputies say the farm has been targeted in the past. According to the Animal Liberation Front post, a previous raid happened in 1997. In that event, they say 800 mink were released.

The Trempealeau County Sheriff’s Office is asking anyone who noticed anything unusual on the night of the release in the area of State Road 121 to call dispatch at 715-538-4351 or email

Mink are small animals that look similar to a weasel. They are often bred for their fur which is in turn used in fashion products. In recent years, activists say the mink industry has shrunk significantly as fur has become a faux pas in fashion. In a separate post last month, the Animal Liberation Front celebrated the closure of a fur ranch in Le Center, Minnesota.