Activists Liberate Two Puppies From Abusive Breeder (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Received anonymously:

Neighbors to a person who has a small puppy mill in their home, had countless times contacted police and animal shelters to get help, since they witnessed extreme abuse of dogs, but to no surprise, these entities were of no help. The “breeder” would leave the dogs on their balcony in high temperature for days, the neighbors could hear constant yelling at the dogs, and on the rare occasion that the dogs were taken for walks, neighbors witnessed them being kicked and beaten.

Activists were able to liberate 2 puppies from this horrible situation. One of the puppies had a broken tail, presumably as a result of violent abuse. Both puppies now have loving homes.

Cases of extreme abuse are not rare when it comes to animal exploitation, no matter if it is in a factory farm or in a puppy mill. However, all “breeding” of animals is exploitation and abuse and should be abolished, whether the exploitation includes explicit violence or not.

We hope more dogs will be rescued and liberated from this horrible human.

Picture of the two puppies when they lived on the balcony (in circle you see the broken tail of the one puppy)