Animals Killed for Their Fur in US Decreased by 15% in 2022

Bob Zimbal, owner of Zimbal’s Fur Farms

The US Department of Agriculture has just released statistics on US fur production for 2022. There has been a 15% reduction in the number of animals killed for their fur since 2021. Total value of the animal skins was down 17% from the previous year, and the price per skin was only $29.40, down another $0.60 from 2021.

Importantly, the number of female mink bred to produce the 2023 population was down 31%, foretelling another significant decrease in deaths expected for 2023.

The fur industry in the US is on the ropes, and we can finish it off. More economic sabotage and farm liberations, combined with continued forceful campaigning to stop designers and retailers from dealing in this barbaric trade will abolish the fur industry in the US.

See the full report here: 2022_mink_report