ALF Sabotage Fast Food Advertisements in Dublin (Ireland)

Received anonymously:

Over several nights many advertising signs were vandalised in Dublin. Advertisement plays a key role in animal exploitation so these signs were turned into anti-speciesist advertisement.

Not only does fast play one of the biggest parts in animal genocide it contributes massively to climate change and deforestation of rainforests which is home for many plant and animal species including human. Massive amounts of land turned into pasture for cow farming and growing soya, the fuel that runs the animal agriculture industry globally.

Also, screens of ATMS were also spray painted to prevent use. Multinational corporations and banks are two other cogs that make up the slaughter machine that is techno-industrual society. On an individual level going vegan is a good way to prevent some of the blood spilt and reducing carbon emissions, it is a step in the right direction towards creating a world free from the death culture of speciesism and anthropocentrism. But ultimately if there is to be any hope in saving the planet as well as its inhabitants from total extinction action needs to be the next step.

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On Till Techno-Industrual Society Has Come To End No One Will Be Free

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