Fences Cut at National Park, Freeing Wolves and Other Wildlife (Netherlands)

Via: idymedia.nl

In the night of Saturday July 1st, a group of individuals cut the fence at ecoduct Oud-Reemst in National Park de Veluwe, The Netherlands. With this act, they intend to assist others in their freedom of movement. A freedom that was further contained with the construction of the fence in 2019.

The Veluwe is one of the biggest and wildest pieces of nature that still exists in the Netherlands. An essential habitat and food source for non-humans living in the area. The “foundation” which runs the National Park should not be allowed to make their own zoo out of it.

Since 2019 the ecoduct (a bridge over a road, with the intention to connect two pieces of forest) as well as the faunapassage closeby have been closed by the National Park. In the first instance as a temporary measure to keep wolves out, but now that wolves are living inside the fenced National Park, the crossings are still hermetically closed off.

Here, the population is split and trapped inside with high barbed wire fences that even reach underground, camera surveillance and watch towers for hunters. No one, unless they can fly, can enter or leave without buying the ticket you’re required to have to enter the park. Those caged inside are separated from their families and peers, and face death caused by human hunters. All, according to them, for the anthropocentric and human-invented concept of ‘population control’, but in reality to fuel their bloodlust and hunger for money and power.

A big cage is still a prison, may all prisons perish with the jailers inside!