Four Insect Traps Destroyed (Unknown Location)

Received anonymously:

The Sunshine hellhole

Every year on National Animal Rights Day, many great people go out to march and advocate for animals; an important part of our cause for animal liberation. However, once the banners are put up and the sun sets away, the cruelty continues.

Next time you are out at your local park or just cruising basically anywhere, gaze up at the trees. For a start, you can admire their gracious heights and the beautiful creatures that live amongst them. However, certain trees will have an insect trap imposed upon its branches. These glue traps kill any creature who is unfortunately baited onto its unforgiving mat. The fortunate part is that they are pretty easy to find; they are basic-looking triangular prisms that are tan and stand out against green foliage. An easy target that anyone can do. Even if it is just one, its life-saving.

So far four traps are down and more shall follow their same fate. Fuck the government and its cruelty to the most vulnerable. This act is dedicated to anyone who has helped animal abusers and earth rapists suffer consequences from their actions.

Editors note: Image not related to the action. Location not communicated by the anonymous activist.