ALF Liberates Captive Lamb in Solidarity with Marius Mason (Midlands, UK)

Received anonymously:

Lamb liberated in solidarity with Marius Mason and all long term anarchist prisoners.

We’d seen the lambs many times, we knew, while they were with their mums now, it wouldn’t be that long before they fattened up and the farmer sent them to slaughter. The field was easy to access but watchful mums keeping their babies close were hard to catch. Herding them into a corner and closing in we managed to grab one. Picking them up and taking them to safety we hoped their mum would understand that we’d look after them. We wish we could of taken her other lamb and her, the whole herd. They all deserve better than what awaits them. This lamb will get real care and never see the slaughterhouse or be left to die and decay in some field corner.

It is nearly June 11th, so with the freedom of this lamb we want to send love to Marius and all anarchist comrades serving prison. The fight goes on, and we hope that reading about this lamb allows you to feel freedom, even if just for a second.

To Lisa E and the German antifascists. To our Chilean comrades awaiting trial. To the KTB prisoners. You are not forgotten. We keep fighting.

Until we are all free, every cage is empty and every slaughterhouse and prison is up in flames,