Butchers Shops, Warehouses Sabotaged (Athens, Greece)

via: Dark Nights.

On the occasion of the celebration of the great slaughter, there was an awakening of our reflexes to a ritual that takes place at regular intervals validating the rules of hierarchy of species where animals are inferior and are species to be exploited. By striking at butchers we strike at the institutions and laws that wash away crimes but at the same time we highlight how the everyday person, the trader, the customer, etc. also participates in this timeless holocaust. From this authoritarian mania, people from below do not escape by participating in customs or anti-customs calling themselves anti-authoritarians who contribute to the maintenance of the mass massacre by the domination. Being another proof that the state and power is primarily maintained by those who follow the rules, institutions and laws set by those from above and secondarily by the state and power.

For these reasons we chose as a minimal act of retaliation to strike shops and warehouses of dismembered corpses, conceived as food, because of sadistic anthropocentric culture. We chose to sabotage with simple means such as paint, glue, and leaflets by promoting it to every person who espouses the idea of anti-slavery to act accordingly in the spaces where they move.

Breaking down in practice the structures of control, discipline, and self-monitoring. We propose mass sabotage because anarchy without direct action is incomplete.

Authoritarians of all forms will find us before you.

Anti-Spe renovations