Flaco the Owl Escapes New York City Prison

Flaco Flies Free!

Animal liberationists stand with Flaco, the Eurasian eagle owl who recently found his way to freedom from the New York City animal prison in Central Park almost two weeks ago. Flaco has gotten to fly free and feel the sun on his back and the wind in his wings for the first time since he was imprisoned at only a year of age. May Flaco be free for the rest of his days.

To the ignorant, arrogant humans who erroneously claim that Flaco has forgotten how to be an owl, Flaco would say “It is not I who have forgotten how to be an owl, it is you who have forgotten how to be human. For millennia humans respected their brothers and sisters in the animal kingdom, and did not imprison them for their amusement, or decimate their habitats, or pollute their environment, decimate their populations or denigrate their existence”.

May Flaco’s escape serve as a call for those humans who still remain human to destroy all zoos, circuses, rodeos, fur farms and other animal prisons, where innocent animals are all serving life without parole. May they as well smash all vivisection laboratories, and dismantle all factory farms that exploit, torture and murder their fellow animal beings. Animal liberation is now!