International Animal Rights Conference 2023

We want to inform you about the International Animal Rights Conference 2023, which will be held from September 7th to 10th in Luxembourg and simultaneously also online. The conference’s goal is to present and discuss current animal rights positions, connect animal rights activists from many different countries, and develop strategies for the struggle to end animal exploitation.

For the last twelve years, this type of conference already took place. Since we got such enormously positive feedback from the participants, we decided to organize another conference in Luxembourg in 2023.

All conference information is available on the website at:

We would welcome it if many activists from the international animal rights movement contributed to the conference. You can contribute with presentations, discussions, workshops, action/campaign reports, or other types of formats. We still have slots available, so please check out the information at Call for Contribution if you wish to contribute.

Please help us make the conference known in the animal rights scene and inform your activists/members. We have prepared various media that can be used to promote the conference – this can be found at Promotion. Please also like/follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Mastodon.

Reduced Registration until the end of April
The conference’s registration fee is still reduced until the end of April, so if members of your group wish to participate, they can register now at the lower rate on the registration page.

The IARC is organized by a group of grassroots activists, and all preparation and implementation are done by volunteers. Still, there are considerable costs of the conference, and we are trying to find financial supporters so that the registration fee of the participants will only need to cover parts of the expenses. If your organization would like to support the conference financially, please check out the Sponsoring Information.

If you have any questions regarding the conference, please let us know – preferably by email to: vegan greetings,

the IARC2023 orga team

International Animal Rights Conference 2023
September 7th to 10th in Luxembourg + Online