Butcher Targeted by ALF Closes Forever (Stuttgart, Germany)

On the 29th of December, Luz butcher shop in Stuttgart, Germany, announced that they were non longer going to carry on open, four days after the third attack by the ALF.

We were alerted of the news by an anonymous member of the cell that targeted that butcher shop, who sent us this text:

“4 Days after our action (3 actions in total) against Butcher Luz they are closing down there whole ”business”, after 111 years YEEES PARTY

Massive smell and paint and fake blood combined in some actions seemed to look like a good combination here. Stay continous brave activists, we will get Liberation for all beeings!

Please feel motivated you are not alone in this, there is a lot of us! Its a marathon not a sprint and we are close to Animal rights and Liberation like never before in history. Looking forward to celebrate with all of you activists offline when we arrive in a mostly/full vegan world.

Kisses and hugs to all of you wonderful vegan activists out there!

#untileverycageisempty #totalliberation #veganarchism #animalrights #victory