ALF Liberates More Than 100 Rodents from Campus in UK

Received anonymously:

It is cold outside and the snow makes a crunching noise under our feet. We know our way around the campus, but leaving footprints behind is a bad idea so we decide to change our route. Two people assume their lookout positions whilst another three approach the trusty window we have been checking for months. It is open, like it has been before, but there is a problem. Someone is on the other side, oblivious to our presence.

What kind of animal abusing scum works at 2am so close to Christmas? We retreat annoyed. When we regroup we decide that someone busy at work might not be too bad after all. It means there is no alarms in place and we just need to take our chance when it comes. We reposition the lookouts and wait. The person takes a smoke break, which lasts less than ten minutes. We decide to go for it if it happens again. More than an hour passes when one of the lookouts let us know it is action time, so we pop the window open and climb fast. Without alarms, we don’t need to worry about the doors, so we walk directly to the room. It is disgusting, the smell of urine invades our eyes and noses. We make use of a couple of drawers piled in a corner and scoop out as many rodents as we have homes for, plus a few extra. Have you ever tried to count animals that are piled up in drawers?

It has not taken more than a couple of minutes and we are climbing back out through the window. There is a collective giggle at seeing a Santa dressed comrade passing drawers full of animals through the open window. In hindsight, we didn’t need to come dressed to impress!

In total over 100 rodents were taken to freedom, and they will no longer be just a number, just profit, just a tool. They will know love and freedom from now on.

We dedicate this action to the Atlanta Forest prisoners, locked up for sitting in tree houses to oppose the construction of a police training city.

We also dedicate this action to Mel. The fight goes on.

Lastly, we want to send our most sincere love to Ladislav, we hope your day of freedom is as fruitful as it was for these mice.

Animal Liberation Front, Christmas edition.