Grupo de Respuesta Animal Burns Meat Packing Plant (Chile)

Received anonymously:

Most of all I regret my restraint, because regardless of the damage we caused to those businesses, if those farms are still open, if even one animal was left behind, then it wasn’t enough. I do not intend to rid myself of the consequences of these acts by begging for mercy or appealing to the conscience of the room, because if this system had a conscience I would not be here, in my place would be all the butchers, vivisectors and fur farmers around the world.”
Peter Young, vegan straight edge warrior of the Animal Liberation Front.

We send this report to claim responsibility for the action of assault and fire that affected the main refrigerator of the company that distributes dismembered corpses “Susaron” and its trucks, in the commune of Quilicura on the night of the national September 18.

We located the target in advance, verify entry and exit. And no… Do not believe what the press says regarding the supposed suspects, which, apparently, leaves us as careless and unwary. Obviously we weren’t interested in meat, much less looking for monetary returns. We didn’t hit the guard either (not because we were unwilling, but because he understood he was at risk and didn’t do anything stupid). Do not be so easily deceived by chewing on any product that the television channels and their media deliver to you.

In the silent calm of an entirely stupid society, which slept exhausted after shouting and dancing with joy to the sound of the banners of its owners and modern slavers; between celebrations of people who believe that a country-company represents them and a dense stench of burned bodies throughout the environment.

On the night of September 18, armed, we took control of the central branch of the “Susaron” butcher shop. Company that has been supplying the national market for more than 45 years, selling beef, pork and poultry. Importing meat from other international markets, and having a processing plant that produces nearly 300,000 kilos of cow, pig and poultry meat every month.

Evading the security gate and electric fence, we reduced the night guard and proceeded to spray everything we could with that liquid that all those who consider themselves antispeciesists should have as their favorite product in the world; gasoline. The rest is already national news, the total loss of most of the enormous enclosure and our threatening pamphlets spread all over its surroundings.

We laugh a lot reading comments on social media about animalism or antispeciesism being inherently peaceful and civilized. Those who wrote that they believed it was a setup by the company to collect insurance made us laugh out loud. We assume that those people do not have much knowledge of the correlation between an insurance charge and the complete devastation of a critical infrastructure for a macro-company and what it means financially by this effective attack in which they lost their means of distribution and transportation, its collection and conservation center for edible carcasses, an events center and part of the sales and marketing office.

We will go to the point in our reflection on antispeciesism and its ridiculous and insane association with pacifism.

We, as an operational cell and urban guerrilla group, consider that animal exploitation is unacceptable and intolerable. We are antispeciesists above all and we have no nuances in it.

We do not care about the process of human culture, much less the conditions “of the people” to understand that subjecting an animal to a life of torture, humiliation, rape and painful death is something inconceivable. Justifying it permanently only so that in their lethargic existence they can buy from the windows that camouflage the suffering that this business drags, remains of dead bodies that apparently were just one more product, to satisfy a culinary impulse that has been scientifically proven for years that it no longer it is a biological necessity. Or to have them sadistically amuse themselves in twisted competitive practices that make no sense and definitely make it clear that they deserve a bullet to the skull or a bomb blast under their stands.

While some are disappointed because the government promised to stop the growth of fake sports that only cause pain in animals. Like the rodeo, cockfighting, and greyhound racing.

And now a couple of months after his assumption of power, the Minister of Agriculture comes out announcing a project that promotes this type of misnamed sports, shaking hands with the president of the rodeo Federation; in a desperate act to stop his deep crisis of popularity.

Animals are always suffering. While you buy your Leonardo Di Caprio plant-based burger at the supermarket or dress in the latest animalistic animal printed woodcut design, or shout out to the sterile world on social media that you are against the animal consumption industry and its derivatives; they are still there suffering. We know that we do not change the reality of the millions of animals enslaved and massacred by this sick human production chain with our actions. But we do not remain impassive and powerless and choose the path of making this normalized madness as difficult as possible with direct action.

Sabotage, fire, attacks and primarily forced animal liberation, always outside the legal canons, because the law today represents the system that considers the animals a trading good.

We will do everything we can, even if it is little, even if it costs us our lives or freedom, but we will do it to the death and with immense love and pride involved.

We will not ask animal consumption companies to stop butchering, skinning, and raping them.

We will burn them.

We will not ask the scum to stop torturing cows and horses with whippings, beatings and electricity. We’ll put bombs in their rings.

We will not speak favourably to the owners and scientists of the sinister vivisection laboratories, we will shoot them.

We will not go with banners to the farms where they reproduce and prepare the animals to be sent to the slaughterhouses. We will enter breaking everything and opening the cages, we will free them and give them shelter and whoever crosses our path will find out the hard way that we antispeciesists no longer respond to the profile of hippies, nice with patches, good vibes, good wishes for others and social networks. Rather, some of us are deeply hurt, determined, incendiary, dangerous, and armed beings.

We are against all domination; Be it a bastard policeman, a gendarme, a slaughterer, a vivisectionist, a butcher, a participant or organizer of animal races or a disgusting rider on a horse.

Each one of them could be our next target. We applaud and admire animal liberation and sabotage groups like the ALF and learned a lot from them. But unlike them, we are completely out to hurt and kill people. Because facing a system of domination, massacre and consumption of sentient beings, which has financing, thugs, weapons and government support means war and confrontation. And war is not fought with flowers, words, social media posts, or legal petitions.

We are talking about fighting such ruthless and violent people, and unfortunately for the young ladies who want to vibrate high and be at peace with their higher consciousness, the only way to stop those who use violence for such miserable purposes is to dirty their hands with same violence and becoming experts in it to use it against them.

There will be no dialogues, no agreements. There wouldn’t be dialogue with anyone who murdered or raped a family member of yours, right? Why are animals different? Why so much patience in these cases? Because it is a non-human animal? Why don’t they have a voice? Because that’s how they taught you?

Veganism-animalism-antispeciesism cannot be anything other than war of intransigent belligerence. Otherwise, it’s a game or a mask for instagram with a photo of a wild animal.

If you consider total liberation as a necessity, then stop giving only relevance to anthropocentric goals. The street fight against authority is necessary. The attack on the most obvious of the domination society; be it police, gendarmes, military, banks, government entities, multinational companies. We applaud it.

But direct action for animal liberation and its expansion is urgent and vital. If you consider it pressing like us, then make your group, organize your affinity team or act alone. Set your target no matter how small or big it is and attack. No more patience, no more waiting, no more words, no more appearance, no more waiting.

Sabotage, burn, set fire, free animals, defend them, look for places to shelter them. We can all do something for them. If necessary kill, wound.



Sebastián Oversluij, Mauricio Morales, Mike Hill, Jill Phipps, and Barry Horne.

They bite into the empire of speciesist suffering alongside us and anyone who takes direct action.