‘Don’t Fund Slavery’: Ominous Graffiti Shows Up Leading To Malta’s Dolphin Park ‘Prison’

Lovin Malta

The freshly-painted and stencilled graffiti was spotted by a resident who sent the photos to Lovin Malta, showing the blunt and controversial messaging.

“50 metres to dolphin prison,” one graffiti reads, with another telling people “don’t fund slavery”.

This comes as Malta is reeling from the news of the death of three female dolphins within the Mediterraneo Marine Park, which is now under intense scrutiny.

Over the years, many have raised concerns over dolphins in captivity, with countless activists and environmentalists insisting that the mammals are living a miserable cycle of suffering in conditions that are miles away from their natural habitat.

Animal Liberation Malta has been at the centre of the issue, continuously calling for authorities to take swift action, including closing down the marine park.