ALF Sabotage T and S Rabbits (Midlands, UK)

Received anonymously:


On 3rd August 2022 the ALF paid a visit to two of rabbit killing scum Phil Kerry’s sites. We wanted to send a message to Phil that his life will be made a misery for as long as he continues to imprison and kill rabbits.

At his Granby site, Phil is building a lovely shiny big new house on the blood money of all the rabbits who have suffered and died there. We made sure that every window we could reach on that house was smashed to pieces, and painted some important messages on the walls, including “NO PEACE FOR BUNNY KILLERS”, “FUCK YOU PHIL”, “ANN IS A RABBIT PERV”, and some nice big ALF symbols. The static caravan and some other outbuildings received the same fate.

To make the message crystal clear, we also took a visit to the former farm in Atlow. There’s not much left there to fuck up, but we trashed the static caravan, smashed windows and got busy with the spray paints.

This is just the beginning, Phil. Things will only get worse and more expensive for you. Do the sensible thing – shut down your East Bridgford farm now and hand over all the bunnies to people who will love and care for them.