50 Hens Liberated in Midlands (UK)

Received anonymously:

We headed across the field with carriers, straight to the barns. The farmhouse still had a light on so we kept a lookout there, while one of us crawled under the conveyor bels to open the barn door from the inside.

As we entered, the smell through our masks of shit and ammonia was breathtaking. Lines and lines of thousands of hens huddled closely together, as far as our eyes could see. There lives of slavery and exploitation had left them looking pale and anaemic and they were infested with mites.

We worked quickly to gather up as many sleepy birds as we had homes for. Into the carriers one by one. We soon filled all our boxes with fifty beautiful souls. Then we left, securing the barn door behind us, leaving no signs that we’d been there.

They slept silently though their journey to freedom, apart from the frequent sound of flapping as they manically shook their heads, as mites drove them mad even in their sleep. They looked around 18 months old, which is when their egg production starts to slow, and they’re taken to be murdered at a fraction of their natural lifespan, and then replaced. So now, they will never know that fate.

These 50 hens will now be helped to be nurtured back to good health and get to live out the rest of their natural lives free from exploitation, in good homes.

Animal farmers – like parasites, live off the suffering of someone else. Exploiting someone fort every possible valuable resource they can steal, before murdering them. They are the fucking scum of this Earth. Unfortunately they are everywhere…keeping sheds full of victims just around the corner from where you live. Those animals need you to go out, find those sheds, free those souls, and FUCK THOSE FARMERS!

This action was carried out in memory of Juneau and Tommy who were abused, neglected and injured, before subsequently being rescued from T&S Rabbits. Rest in peace sweet bunnies, thankfully you knew love and freedom in the end.