Animal Rights Militia, Others Support MBR Campaign (UK)

PHOTO: Beagle liberation by the ALF in Harlan Interfauna, now known as MBR Acres.

Over the past few weeks we have received second hand reports about unreported actions against the laboratory puppy mill MBR Acres. Here are the words of anonymous people who passed on information. Unfortunately as the reports do not come from the activists there is no solid way of knowing the exact details of the actions or of the intentions behind those actions.


“I have heard that one of the MBR workers’ house got spray painted. Surely he is not very happy with the company who don’t really care about his security. The press has been writing a lot of lies about it and the police is investigating”


“Someone has sent a 2 sec video of Russell’s house being spray painted, maybe because people have worked out that they are still operating in Thrapston. I can’t work out what it said on the wall but when I went to visit it had already been cleaned”.


“We have received information from a very trusted source that a heavy police presence was at MBR Beagle tonight due to ‘Animal Rights Militia’ contacting Cambridgeshire Police and informing them of a viable device left on site.

Police still in attendance doing fingertips search and a helicopter had been deployed to scene but has since gone according to a few activists in the local area.”