Latest Message from Maxim Plokhoi

From a speech at Maxim’s latest court hearing
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“One looks at people who have clothed their souls in the moral uniform of the state system and thinks: what they have more – stupidity or meanness? They speak with horror about killing, but in fact, they support the order of life, which makes killing a law. They carry out the element of death with their cowardice.

Killing … we gave it other names and in this, is our curse. We did it to hide our lies and atrocities. To hide from ourselves our impotence to love.

We are hypocritical animals who invented justifications for killing: patriotism and morality of the highest kind. By the profit of superstitions and the passion of instincts, we have degraded the meaning of life. We have called the evolution of cruelty progress, and apathy we have called mind.

We have made LOVE fake… and this is our curse.

Animals… with them we start killing people, killing LIFE, killing ourselves.

THOU SHALT NOT KILL – this is the supreme axiom, a moral postulate, which we must take as a basis for morality.

THOU SHALT NOT KILL – this is the main principle with the fulfilment of which you fulfil yourself – by compassion you become a Human.

THOU SHALT NOT KILL either directly or indirectly; do not participate in everything that promotes killing and makes it possible. Deny by consciousness and action the system of lies that gives the “right” to take life.

THOU SHALT NOT KILL – this is the path from the insignificance of the man of the system (homo sapiens) to the greatness of the spiritual man (homo spiritualitas); the only way of conscience.

There is no difference between killing an animal and killing a human.

THOU SHALT NOT KILL – in this law the whole philosophy, psychology and ethics of mankind. Everything that this law cancels was, is and will be a lie.

THOU SHALT NOT KILL – we need to go back to this and start over.”